British Isles International Series 2024: Ladies Day Three Report

Scotland’s ladies team went into the final day of the season within touching distance of the title, leading England by six points before a bowl was thrown.


Session One: Singles and Fours vs England


In a very close contest, England pipped Scotland by 19 shots over the six rinks.




Dee Hoggan fell to Katherine Rednall in the first game of the session, losing out 21-11 to the experienced player. Rednall started fast, leading Dee 8-3 after six ends. The English player continued her control over the game and stretched the advantage to 13-6 by the time we had reached the twelfth end.  Rednall only built on her lead, with Dee struggling to catch the tricky rink, and the game petered out, finishing 21-11.


Emma McIntyre was crossed by Stef Branfield in a close game, that ended 21-15 in England’s favour. Never behind from the fourth end onwards, Emma was always in some sort of control, so when she took a four to lead 14-10, it seemed as though McIntyre would take off. It was not to be however, and Stef cracked on, coming from 15-12 behind to win the final five ends, and in turn the three points for England.


Rachel Sinclair survived a scare from Annie Dunham to win 21-17. A tight game was gradually opened by Sinclair, who at the halfway stage found herself 13-2 up. Eventually, Rachiel reached 20-9, and looked like she would ease over the line.  Branfield had no intentions of making it easy for Sinclair, and chipped back to 20-17, before Rachel could kill the contest.





Lynn Lees, Beth Riva, Jess Weir and Carla Banks managed to overcome the rink skipped by Rebecca Wigfield, 14-13. A strong period for the English in the middle of the game saw them lead by six shots, with three ends to go. Lynn and the team all contributed massively, to take two pairs, and a treble to go from 13-7 behind, to win the game 14-13


Megan Grantham, Wendy Grant, Sarah-Jane Ewing and Dawn Anderson fell 16-8 to Amy Pharaoh. A good start saw the Scots 7-3 ahead after six ends, though a sticky portion in the middle of the game saw the English take six ends unanswered to lead 13-7, with three to play. Despite getting a one in the thirteenth end, the Scottish team lost the final two ends, falling by eight shots in the end.


The final rink game saw Gail Notman, along with Lawra Cox, Rebecca Houston and Kara Lees mount a brave comeback, forcing an extra end against Sian Honnor’s four. After six ends, the game was tight, with the English 8-7 ahead, thanks to some incredible bowls from both teams. In the middle portion of the game, England took control, and after ten ends, the score read 14-7 to England. A great finish to the game saw five singles, followed by a treble in the last end, causing an extra to be played.

Despite Scotland’s best efforts, they could not displace Harriet Stevens’ bowl, which saw the English take a six-point lead heading into the final session.


Final Score: Scotland 83-102 England (6-18)



Session Two: Pairs and Triples vs Ireland


Knowing that all 24 points were a must, should the Scots want to win the International Series, the ladies team was up against it from the off.




Rachel Sinclair and Jess Weir survived a scare from Sarah Kelly’s pair. They were trailing from the offset, though found a lead late on in the tie, sitting 15-12 up with two ends to play. A two from the Irish caused doubt in the penultimate end, but the Scots pulled through taking a valuable three points.


Megan Grantham and Dawn Anderson lost in an extra end to Noleen Kelly’s pair. After 11 ends, Megan and Dawn were 14-5 down, though they started a charge to accumulate nine shots over the following five ends, to sit level with two to play. Both sides took singles in the final ends, before a wonder bowl from Kelly won the Irish the game, putting an end to our title hopes.


Beth Riva and Carla Banks struggled in the late stages of their game against Shauna O’Neill, as they fell 16-9 to the Irish pair. After fourteen ends, the two sides were inseparable, at 9-9, though in the final five ends, Beth and Carla did not have any luck on their side and struggled for good results from great bowls. The Irish women took seven shots in the final five ends, to take another set of points for the Irish.





Lynn Lees, Eilidh Weir and Emma McIntyre secured a 19-14 win over Chloe Wilson’s triple. The Scots were always ahead, after the first end, and led 5-4 after six. They managed to extend their advantage to 14-9, after twelve ends, before the two sides traded shots, in a game in which Lynn’s game management shone through.


Alison Lamont, Dee Hoggan and Sarah Jane Ewing managed to win 17-15 against Sandra Baillie MBE’s strong triple. After ten ends, the Scots led 14-3, before the Irish women mounted an impressive comeback, to pull level with just two ends to go.

Alison done what she does best, playing a great shot to make a three in the penultimate end, putting too much pressure on Ireland, and coming away with a win for the Scots.


The final game of the series for Scotland’s ladies saw Kara Lees, Rebecca Houston and Gail Notman lose 17-16 to Paula Montgomery’s triple.

The key factor of this tie was Gail’s intelligent shot in the final end, to guarantee the aggregate for team Scotland. There was possibility that Gail could play a risky shot to make five shots, and win the game, though she instead played it safe, drawing an absolute beauty to take the aggregate six points for Scotland.


Final Score: Scotland 92-91 Ireland (15-9).


Report by Oliver Anderson

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