Online Membership System - Cruden Bay BC Case Study

Launched in January 2020 our Online Club and Membership System has helped to modernise and standardise processes for our administration team, district coordinators and clubs. The system is available for club administrators to:

  1. Purchase club affiliation / tournament licences and for booking onto National Championship and other Competitions. 
  2. Manage the club profile (contact information, email address etc.)
  3. Update main / key contact information
  4. Book and pay for club members to attend events / courses
  5. Access documents such as help guides etc.
  6. Access reports
  7. Keep track of membership history and trend information


We spoke to John Senior, committee members and club administrator for Cruden Bay BC to hear about how he has found using the membership system this year.

How have you found using the online club and membership system?

I can say that I have found the online club and membership system easy to use. I would say I have not used it to its fullest potential, but I have clear idea of how to make better use of the system next season and I am encouraging members to sign up as individuals within the system and getting them affiliated to the Club. the system allows me to take on extra responsibilities within the committee, without impacting my own time too much. As I work fulltime in quite a demanding job this is important for me personally. It also allows our long serving club secretary (83) to continue in post, with me supporting him rather me taking things away from him, which is also important.

Like most clubs there is resistance to change, but I look forward to making better use of the system moving forward.  

What are the main benefits to the club of using the system?

Simplified administration and payment method when submitting annual club capitation. Also, immediate emailed receipts are very useful. The online system acts like a portal and a record on the club's membership status. This first year has been a learning curve and I look forward to making greater use of the system next session and I hope to on-board all the club members into the system.

Have you attended any of the Bowls Scotland workshops?

I attended two of the workshops and they were very useful, the guides act a good reminder with lots of screen shots. 

What advice would you give to other members who are looking to use the online system to benefit their clubs?

Have a go, it is really quite simple the workshops and guides will walk you through the process. If you do attend a workshop, make you have a look around the online system shortly afterwards while it still fresh in your mind. Once you have done it, no more looking for bits of paper the information is online, if you can purchase items from Amazon, you can us the Bowls Scotland system!

Bowls Scotland are running a series of workshops to help our clubs adopt this online system where basic training will be given and access to help guides provided. More information on these sessions can be found here.

Members can login to their profile on any device and update their details, raise enquiries, book on events and courses and keep track of any qualifications and credentials gained i.e. coaching, safeguarding etc.

You can access our online club and membership system here

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