Portpatrick BC Club Story

The committee and members of Portpatrick BC in District 32 are hoping to expand their membership and introduce both the local community and holidaymakers to the sport of bowls in 2022. Situated in the heart of the picturesque harbour, the club welcomes visitors to make use of spare bowls, shoes and equipment to have a go.

In April 2022, Lawra Cox, Bowls Scotland’s National Development Officer for the region, held an Introduction to Bowls Coaching Award for 6 members of the club. The course encourages coaching through fun games and activities and is perfect for coaches holding Try Bowls events. Portpatrick has links with Wigtownshire Active Schools and now that they have a number of coaches equipped with fun ideas to use in the sessions, the club plans to work closely with local schools to introduce children to the sport.

In 2021, Linda Greenhill and Florence Clarke were asked by existing members to help the club with its administration due to a decline in membership over the pandemic, they have both now joined as full members, learnt to bowl and are also coaches at the club! We asked Florence what she likes most about our sport “It’s fun and it’s social! It gets you out in the fresh air and helps keeps you active, I used to be a walker so being out and about in the fresh air is important to me and it’s just great company here at the club.”

Florence explained a bit more about the changes that the hardworking committee have been made to the administrative side of the club in the recent months: “When we affiliated to Bowls Scotland this year, we were put in touch with Lawra Cox and the support we’ve received has just been brilliant. We’ve managed to update the constitution, we’ve got policies in place, we’ve got codes of conduct, we’ve got the wellbeing and protection officers, we’ve been on lots and lots of workshops and courses. I cannot praise them enough!”

Delighted with the progress that the volunteers at Portpatrick BC have made Lawra commented “It’s great to see clubs using our templates and guides to put these important areas of governance into place. After the hard work that’s been put in the club are well on their way to achieving their Bronze BowlsMark certificate and even have completed some of the Silver tasks! Portpatrick has such an influx of tourists and holiday makers in the summer months I really hope that the hard work pays off and the green is busy with new members and visitors this season. Having sets of bowls to borrow will be really useful and setting up the green with activities and games will ensure fun for all the family. A warm, friendly welcome is guaranteed with the members here – keep up the good work!”

Watch the video interview below for more information on Bowls Scotland's Introduction to Bowls Coaching Award.

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