2023 World Bowls Championships - Coach Profile: Wendy Purdie

Earliest bowls memory: Watching my mum and dad play bowls.

Best bowls achievement: Winning the Scottish Indoor Ladies National Singles.

Your all-star bowls rink:

Lead – Kate Adams (Scotland)

Second – Sarah Seymour (England)

Third – Margaret Letham (Scotland)

Skip – Karen Murphy (Australia)

Occupation: Performance Manager for Scottish Gymnastics.

Describe yourself in 3 words: Determined, Positive, Resilient.

Favourite meal: Italian pasta dishes.

Biggest fear: Spiders.

Apple or Android: Apple.

Pineapple on pizza: Yes.

Favourite movie/TV showThe Green Mile.

Three items you couldn’t live without and why: Phone to keep in contact with friends/family. Hairbrush to ensure no tuggy hairs. Chocolate, who can live without chocolate!?

Dream job: Any job in the sun where you only work until lunchtime that pays very well.

Favourite past or present non-bowls athlete and why: Sir Chris Hoy – didn’t succeed at first and worked hard to become one of, if not the best, Scottish athlete of all time.

Cats or dogs: None!

Funniest teammate and why: Emma McIntyre – come across as very quiet but comes away with great one liners!

Favourite song: Beyonce – Halo.

Your biggest pet peeve: Rudeness

Most likely to forget their passport going to Australia: Jason Banks.

Proudest non-bowls accomplishment: My two daughters.

Dream holiday destination and why: Overwater villa in Maldives – ultimate luxury with lots of sun, cocktails, great food and selective company!

Goal for 2023 World Bowls Championships: Carry out my role effectively for the team and take care of everything for the players so they can just play bowls. I would like every player in the team to have a positive experience and enjoy the moment which would result in every player challenging for medals across every discipline.

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