2023 World Bowls Championships - Player Profile: George Miller

Earliest bowls memory: Bounce game at lunch time when at college, some 70 years ago.

Best bowls achievement: Gold medal at the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games.

Your all-star bowls rink:

Lead – Margaret Letham

Second – Elizabeth Dickson

Third – Jim McAtee

Skip – Willie Wood MBE

Occupation: Retired.

Describe yourself in 3 words: Old, dedicated, determined.

Favourite meal: Mince and potatoes.

Biggest fear: Losing my marbles.

Apple or Android: Android.

Pineapple on pizza: Yes.

Favourite movie/TV show: Last of the Summer Wine.

Three items you couldn’t live without and why: My wife because I love her. Diary because of the information it has. Garden because I find it therapeutic and relaxing.

Dream job: Wind Farmer.

Favourite past or present non-bowls athlete and why: Alan Clarke (racing driver), a genius in a car.

Cats or dogs: Dogs.

Which player is most likely to be invited to Bob’s house for dinner: Danny Porter.

Funniest teammate and why: Garry Brown, always good for a laugh.

Favourite song: Aker Bilk - Stranger on the Shore.

Your biggest pet peeve & why: Politicians because they promise the earth and deliver dirt.

Most likely to forget their passport going to Australia: Frazer!

Proudest non-bowls accomplishment: Getting my degree.

Dream holiday destination and why: Center Parcs, Whinfell in Cumbria, for our family get together, unmissable emotional occasion for everyone.

Goal for 2023 World Bowls Championships: To win a gold medal and overall team championship.


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