Para Home Nations - Day 2 Report

Scotland had a less successful second day at the Para Home Nations with the morning session seeing them suffer a 10-4 defeat at the hands of tournament hosts, England.


Scotland Captain Garry Brown was involved an epic battle with Mike Robertson which even saw him lying game with his last bowl, before the English player drew a front toucher with his last bowl to seal the victory. The triple of Pauline Wilson, John Wardrope and Fraser Mathieson got off to a poor start which they never recovered from, with the other triple of Gary Hood, Rosemary Lenton and William Nicol also suffering a defeat. Danny Porter however continued his impressive form with a 21-12 win in his singles match to ensure Scotland got something from the Physically Disabled matches.

The Visually Impaired morning matches were similarly disappointing from a Scottish point of view with Melanie Inness defeated in the a singles and the Pair of Ian Graham and Sandra Watters losing a 1 at the last end to lose by just one shot. Robert Barr showed his class in a fine 21-8 singles win to again, ensure Scotland came away with points for their efforts.

The evening session against Wales also proved tough, with Wales showing massively improved performances from previous years with fresh faces in their squad. The format change for the second half of the event saw everyone playing in 6 pairs matches and Scotland got off to a strong start with Ian Graham and Sandra Watters comfortably winning their match. The pairs lead by Captain Gary Brown and Robert Barr both slipped to disappointing defeats while Pauline Wilson and Rosemary Lenton scored an impressive 5 in the dying stages of the match to ensure a fine win.

Danny Porter continued his excellent form from the first 2 sessions and skipped John Wardrope to a huge comeback win after being 12-4 down to win 17-13.

Overall the match was tied with 6 points apiece leaving both nations somewhat disappointed as to what could have been.


The final session is Sunday Morning with Scotland taking on England for the title. Only a full 6 out of 6 wins will see Scotland lift the silverware, with anything less likely to see England win the event.


Full Results from Day 2;

Day 2 – Morning Session

Physically Disabled

Triples – Scotland 7 – 14 England (Gary Hood, Rosemary Lenton, William Nicol)

Triples – Scotland 9 – 23 England (Pauline Wilson, John Wardrope, Fraser Mathieson)

Singles – Scotland 21 – 12 England (Danny Porter)

Singles – Scotland 18 – 21 England (Garry Hood)


Visually Impaired

Pairs – Scotland 10 – 11 Wales (Ian Graham & Sandra Watters)

Singles – Scotland 9 – 21 Wales (Melanie Inness)

Singles – Scotland 21 – 8 Wales (Robert Barr)


Final Score – Scotland 4 – 10 England


Day 2 – Evening Session

Physically Disabled

Pairs – Scotland 10 – 16 Wales (Garry Brown (Capt) & Fraser Mathieson)

Pairs – Scotland 17 – 13 Wales (Danny Porter & John Wardrope)

Pairs – Scotland 17 – 13 Wales (Pauline Wilson & Rosemary Lenton)

Pairs – Scotland 13 – 14 Wales (Gary Hood & William Nicol)


Visually Impaired

Pairs – Scotland 15 – 8 Wales (Ian Graham & Sandra Watters)

Pairs – Scotland 10 – 12 Wales (Robert Barr & Melanie Inness)


Final Score – Scotland 6 – 6 Wales


League Standings after Day 2

  1. England - Played 3 – 27 pts
  2. Wales – Played 4 – 21pts
  3. Scotland – Played 3 – 18pts

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