Youth Internationals - Day 1 Session Two

Session two of the Youth International test series delivered a mixed bag of results for Scotland’s rising stars.

The Scots recorded two wins from their four 3-bowl triples matches against Ireland and Wales in the latest session.

Yet again, Scotland’s biggest winning margin was provided by the triple skipped by Euan MacLean, who teamed up with Lewis Milligan and Aaron Miller to defeat Ireland 18-10. Euan, Lewis, Lennon Hamilton and Aaron Betts have so far managed to keep 100% records by securing victories in both of their opening games.

Scotland are now in joint first place alongside Wales on 10 points and +23 shot difference. We’re only halfway through todays fixtures as another two important sessions will be completed today.

Session Two Scores:

  • Lewis Milligan, Aaron Miller & Euan MacLean (Scotland) 18 v Zoe Stratton, Jack Kidd & Jayden Kyle (Ireland) 10
  • Logan Shields, Lennon Hamilton & Aaron Betts 13 (Scotland) v Mia Patterson, Alex Jones & Lara Reaney (Ireland) 8
  • Logan Kennedy, Beth Isbister & Jamie Noon (Scotland) 11 v Katie Dickinson, Emily Lawrence & Oliver Witchell (Wales) 14
  • Leah McCloy, Amy Borthwick & Megan Sproat 7 (Scotland) v Lauren Viles, Alex Morgan & Sonny Lewis (Wales) 17

Wales v Ireland:

  • Shannon Davies, Corey Bancroft & Billy Flynn (Wales) 9 v Ajay Dodds, Amy Carruth & Sophie McIntyre (Ireland) 16
  • Ellie Lawrence, Jack Mounty & Cory Davies (Wales) 12 v Isobel Ruby Nolan, Daniel Spratt & Brad Stirling (Ireland) 4

OVERALL STANDINGS (After Session Two):

  • 1st – Scotland: 10 points +23
  • 2nd – Wales: 10 points +23
  • 3rd – Ireland: 4 points -46

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