Player Profile - Alloa East End BC Ladies Fours


Lead - Aimmee Thomson

Second - Gillian Kirk

Third - Rebekah Weir

Skip - Eilidh Weir



Aimmee – 17

Gillian – 50

Rebekah – 20

Eilidh – 17


When you started bowling and why:

Aimmee – 2013, aged 10 because my mum played bowls

Gillian – 1982, aged 12 because my mum and papa played

Rebekah & Eilidh - 2009, aged 6 and 9 through family friends


Bowls Used (Manufacturer, Model & Size):

Aimmee – Taylor Blaze, Size 1

Gillian – Aero Groove-S, Size 2

Rebekah – Aero Groove, Size 2

Eilidh – Aero Quantum, Size 2



Aimmee – Pirate Pete

Gillian - Gillymum


Favourite meal after a day on the green:

Aimmee - Crisps

Gillian, Rebekah & Eilidh - Chinese


Favourite film/TV series:

Aimmee – Fast and Furious

Gillian – Grease

Rebekah – Mamma Mia

Eilidh – Clueless


Dream holiday destination:

Aimmee – Bora Bora

Gillian – Hawaii

Rebekah – South Africa

Eilidh – Jamaica


Biggest Fear:

Aimmee – Fearless

Gillian – Spiders

Rebekah – Birds

Eilidh – The Ocean


Karaoke Song:

Aimmee – Don’t Stop Believin’

Gillian – Don’t Go Breaking My Heart

Rebekah – Anything ABBA

Eilidh – Dancing Queen


Toughest opponent at Northfield:

Glenmavis BC – Marlyn Whitfield, Deila Flannigan, Angela Uttley & Lorraine Craig


Funniest Moment (on or off the green):

Eilidh having a face off with a seagull before playing her last bowl on an extra end to win the final


How does it feel to win a National Championship:

It was a very proud moment for all four of us considering we were definitely considered the underdogs in the competition and it was also our first year playing together as a team


Advice to upcoming bowlers:

Never give up and enjoy every game. You’re never too young or too old win your first gold medal. Believe in yourself as after all, sometimes the underdogs come out on top


Future aspirations in Bowls:

Go on to win the British Isles at Leamington Spa in 2021 and return to Northfield national finals

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