National Volunteer Award Profile - Gordon Weir

The second winner from the fifth round of Bowls Scotland National Volunteer Awards is Gordon Weir from Alloa East End Bowling Club.

Gordon has been a long serving member at Alloa East End BC, having joined the club in 2008. Ever since joining the club, Gordon has been involved in volunteering for the last 15 years in various different roles. From being a successful junior coach to the club’s Treasurer for 12 years, Gordon has always been willing to selflessly lend his skills to wherever is required.

Speaking on the roles he has carried out, Gordon said: I have been a member at Alloa East End for 15 years and have always been involved as a volunteer in some capacity.

“I started off coaching the juniors as my two daughters, Rebekah and Eilidh, were members and for the last 12 years I have carried out the role of Club Treasurer. I keep things ticking over and promote the club as best as I can.  

“Over the years we have been raising funds and been able to do things like purchase equipment for the greenkeeper, install artificial banking’s, add a new car park as well as carry out an extensive refurbishment inside the clubhouse itself.

“Bowls has always been associated as the sport for the elderly and this is far from the truth. Having my two girls involved in the sport from a young age, we saw time in the open air, building friendships, competition, and opportunity for all in a welcoming environment.”

Most recently in his role as Treasurer, Gordon’s focus turned to purchasing the club a public access defibrillator which can be used by both members and non-members from the local community if ever required. When asked to explain the funding and ordering process, he said: “Sometimes there is funding awaiting clubs that ask for it. It isn't always about time and effort. So, credit has to go to organisations such as Arnold Clark and their community fund. They have awards of up to £1,000 to put something back into local communities.

“On this occasion, I saw an opportunity to give not only the club this lifesaving resource but register it on the national database so anyone in the local community and surrounding areas can access it if required. I spent some time writing our case, explaining the benefits and sent it off.  Soon, we had a reply with success and then utilising the community awards from St John's Ambulance, we purchased the defib, heated cabinet and some training sessions for our members.

“We see more and more the use of these devices and how effective they can be at saving a life. Even if it saves just 1 person, it was worth the effort to install one. As a widely used social venue, people know we have one if needed.”

Someone that see’s first hand all of the hard work that Gordon dedicates to Alloa East End BC behind the scenes is his eldest daughter, Rebekah. After growing up and witnessing the countless hours that her dad has and continues to commit to the bowling club, she decided to nominate him for a National Volunteer Award.

Talking about the impact Gordon has made at the club, Rebekah said: “The reason I nominated Gordon was to recognise and show the clubs appreciation for all the hard work, time, and effort, he has put into the club over the last 15 years. Gordon always has the clubs best interests at heart and goes above and beyond without looking for praise or thanks. 

“Gordon has been involved in every aspect of life at the club from being the junior coach, Treasurer, President, and everything in between! He has supported the club through good and bad times continually looking for ways to make the club better.

“Having willing volunteers is vital in the bowls community more so in smaller bowling clubs like ours. People helping in even the smallest of ways greatly benefits the club even if it’s behind the scenes. Gordon is a fantastic example of one of many volunteers we have within Alloa East End which keeps our club going. I believe this is a well-deserved award for an important member of Alloa East End.”

To Gordon’s surprise, he was presented with his National Volunteer Award at the clubs 2023 opening day in April. Extremely humbled and grateful to have his efforts recognised, Gordon commented: “I'm not often lost for words but on this occasion, I was caught by surprise. Anyone that knows me, knows that I enjoy the role I play at Alloa East End and how I am able to help make it that bit more enjoyable for our members and patrons.

“I feel it’s not just down to me but to a great committee we have, all willing to chip in. I maybe co-ordinate things and do some of the research in relation to fundraising but I must give a thanks to all and anyone who has supported us in our fundraising efforts, as without them, none of this would be possible. I am extremely grateful to have my efforts recognised. 

“A special mention goes to my wife Karen, whom, without her patience what with my time at the club and all her own efforts in home baking she has done and her co-ordination of many successful afternoon teas and party nights at the club. Amongst other things, the fundraising to support our Ladies Fours team for their trip to Wales, where they won the British Isles Championship was literally the icing on the cake.  Another proud moment for both of us, given our two girls, Rebekah and Eilidh, who have been at the club since young kids were part of this team.

“I look forward to many more years with Alloa East End Bowling Club.”

Congratulations to Gordon on behalf of everyone at Bowls Scotland for receiving his thoroughly deserved National Volunteer Award!

Applications for our next round of nominations close on Friday 15th September 2023. For more information or to nominate someone, please visit:

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