Para Home Nations - Day 2 Report

There were mixed emotions for Scotland on day two of the Para Home Nations as they suffered defeat to England this morning, but the team responded with a win against Wales later in the evening.

Against England, the Scots only managed to win two of their seven matches which leaves them with plenty of work to do going into Sunday’s final session. Both victories came in the Visually Impaired Singles with Melanie Inness getting the better of Steve Simmons 20-13 and Sandy Mackintosh edging out Stephen Hartley 16-14 in a close encounter.

Scotland knew they had to get a positive result from the Wales game to keep their hopes alive and secured four victories out of the six games contested. Once again, the Visually Impaired Pairs returned maximum points as both pairings of Mary Stevenson & Sandy Mackintosh and Melanie Inness & Robert Barr came out on top. Another two hard fought wins followed in the Physically Disabled Pairs courtesy of Mary Wilson & Mike Nicoll beating Robert Sawyers & Paul Brown 15-13 and Danny Porter & Garry Brown defeating Shaun Peregrine & Ray Lillicrop 13-11.

Tomorrow morning sees Scotland take on England in the final match of the weekend. Scotland must win five of the six pairs games if they are to be victorious, a tough ask but a challenge that the players are relishing. Best of luck to everyone involved and a report from the last remaining fixture will be provided tomorrow.

Session One v England:

  • Visually Impaired Singles – Melanie Inness 20 v Steve Simmons 13
  • Visually Impaired Singles – Sandy Mackintosh 16 v Stephen Hartley 14
  • Visually Impaired Pairs – Mary Stevenson & Robert Barr 12 v Sarah Marshall & Gareth Harwood 17
  • Physically Disabled Singles – John Wardrope 16 v Mike Robertson 21
  • Physically Disabled Singles – Glen Livingston 14 v Anthony Page 21
  • Physically Disabled Triples – Rosemary Lenton, Danny Porter & Garry Brown 11 v Colin Milner, Jennie Sandford & Jack Pullin 19
  • Physically Disabled Triples – Mary Wilson, William Nicol & Mike Nicoll 7 v Jonathan Stokes, Fynn Kyser & David Fisher 17

Session Two v Wales:

  • Visually Impaired Pairs – Mary Stevenson & Sandy Mackintosh 21 v John Lloyd & Gordon Harries 11
  • Visually Impaired Pairs – Melanie Inness & Robert Barr 15 v Jon Cox & Allan Jones 11
  • Physically Disabled Pairs – Mary Wilson & Mike Nicoll 15 v Robert Sawyers & Paul Brown 13
  • Physically Disabled Pairs – Rosemary Lenton & William Nicol 9 v Ben Tear & Liam Walker 19
  • Physically Disabled Pairs – John Wardrope & Glen Livingston 12 v Robbie Jones & Chris Spriggs 14
  • Physically Disabled Pairs – Danny Porter & Garry Brown 13 v Shaun Peregrine & Ray Lillicrop 11


1st – England: 28 points +58

2nd – Scotland: 21 points +3

3rd – Wales: 17 points -61

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