British Isles Championships 2024- Ladies Triples Preview

We have arrived at the week of the 2024 British Isles championships, which will see Scottish champions compete across 14 different disciplines to test their might against their fellow national championship winners. We have been speaking with all the players and teams prior to the event, to get some insight into their feelings ahead of such an occasion, as well as looking at their journey to Leamington Spa. We also sought some insight on the bowlers, by asking them to pick between one of TVs most divisive duos


Following on from yesterday evening, our next preview saw us speak with two thirds of the 2023 Scottish national ladies triples winners, as we spoke with Susan Morrison, and Emma Kennedy, who play out of Stonehouse Bowling Club.


Susan’s dad was a bowler, and she used to go and support him with her mum. When she was finally old enough, she joined the junior section of her local club. Emma followed a similar trajectory, as her grandad was a member of Stonehouse BC. She started in the junior section, like Susan, before progressing into the ladies section when she was of age.


Both ladies echoed the same sentiment when it came to their game plan both en route to and while at Northfield. The plan was always to take it one game at a time, and always strive to play better than their previous game. This worked a treat for them, we are sure you’ll agree. Susan recalled that all three players played well and said that everything just clicked into place at the right time for the Lanarkshire outfit.


Heading toward the British Isles, the ladies said that their game plan remains the same, though they are incredibly excited for the event. Emma expressed a particular delight at the prospect of facing other national champions while at Leamington.


Susan and Emma, along with Gail Notman, first played together as a triple in their district qualifier, though all team members have played together as pairs in the past. They always go out to enjoy the game first and foremost, though they always strive to play to the best of their abilities too.


Emma was unable to give her favourite bowler, while Susan opted for Commonwealth Games G.O.A.T. Alex Marshall.


There was a unanimous decision, in regard to Ant and Dec, with the ladies opting for Donnelly over McPartlin.


Emma, Susan and Gail will be in action during the first session of day one (26th June, 09:30), where they will face Jersey’s Chloe Greechan, Gina de Long and Ann Bisson, at the quarter-final stage.

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