Nectar Network at Northfield

Bowls Scotland are delighted to share a story from the groundskeeping team at the National Centre for Bowling in Ayr. The grounds around the bowling greens at Northfield are set to undergo a wildflower transformation as part of a scheme to encourage pollinating insects.

The Irvine to Girvan Nectar Network is a Scottish Wildlife Trust led project that aims to establish connected nectar and pollen-rich sites along the Ayrshire coast, ensuring the long-term survival of pollinating insects in the area. Since 2013, the Network, made up of a group of sustainability-driven Ayrshire businesses, have been developing sites to encourage pollinators.

According to the Nectar Network website, around 84% of Europe’s crops depend on pollinators, but these animals are in serious decline across the UK. The Irvine to Girvan network provides sites for these pollinators to refuel and find shelter.

The South Ayrshire Council groundskeeping team at Northfield have been working hard to create some wonderful wildflower spaces at Ayr to encourage and help pollinators, this will help maintain biodiversity and promote an active and productive ecosystem.

To find out for about the Nectar Network, visit their website.

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