British Isles Championships- Ladies Senior Fours Preview


Next week sees our Scottish champions compete across 14 different disciplines to test their might against their fellow national championship winners in the 2024 British Isles Championships. We have been speaking with all the players and teams prior to the event, to get some insight into their feelings ahead of such an occasion, as well as looking at their journey to Leamington Spa. We also sought some insight on the bowlers, by asking them to pick between one of TVs most divisive duos.


Moving on to our senior squads today, we had the privilege of speaking with three quarters of the 2023 Scottish Ladies senior fours champions, who play out of Glenmavis BC in West Lothian. During this chat, we were able to see the true team dynamic come to the fore, with Mandy McFadzean, Margaret Armstrong and Lorraine Craig all championing their relationship both on and off the green.


It is clear just how much of a family sport bowls is, with all three ladies saying that it was family members who brought them into the game. Lorraine and Mandy explained that it was their parents, in particular Mandy’s father, who was not only the person who introduced her to the sport, but also her biggest supporter. Margaret, who out of her team, is the newest starter to the game, first played in 2009, as has never looked back!


The road to Northfield was not easy for the Glenmavis side, as skip Lorraine detailed how they played all their district qualifier games over one weekend. Margaret chipped in, adding that they got through by encouraging one another, as not every end went their way. Enjoying it was key to their victory, along with the support from their friends, family and clubmates, Mandy recalled.


Pride and excitement were the two biggest emotions coming from West Lothian, as we head into the week of the British Isles, with Margaret summing it up best:


“I’m so proud to have this opportunity as part of a team. We’re all so excited for the event, more so because we can do it together.”


The team first played as a four, in 2022, qualifying for the National finals at the first time together. Unfortunately for the team, it was not to be, though they had another go, returning in the fours, and going all the way. Mandy commented on the light team dynamic saying that all the girls offer great support and encouragement. This sentiment was echoed by her teammates.


When it comes to favourite bowlers, the girls all came out with unique answers, there was no agreement in the side. Mandy opted for East Lothian’s Alex Marshall, whereas Lorraine chose Darren Burnett as her favourite. Margaret went south of the border, opting for Katherine Rednall as her favourite bowler, due to her relaxed style of play, and her constant smile too!


The fabled question Ant or Dec saw both names floating about, though Dec took the majority! It was Mandy who voted for Ant, though both Lorraine and Margaret disagreed, opting for his counterpart.


You can catch the Ladies Senior Fours in action in the final session of day one (26th June, 17:30), where they await the winner of England and Wales’ quarter final clash.

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