Home Nations Results - Day 3 Session 3


Session three brings day three of the Home Nations to and end. Just one win from six matches for Team Scotland in this session. The final session will be played tomorrow morning.

In the Men’s Triples a Scotland Culzean team made up of Ronnie Duncan, Stewart Anderson and Darren Burnett were victorious over Ireland. The Scots raced into the lead winning 4 shots in the second end, the trio maintained this lead throughout the match and won 15:11.

The Alloway side didn’t have the same luck when Martyn Rice, Derek Oliver and Iain McLean took on Wales. The Welsh side took an early lead and despite Scotland catching up to 11:9 at the eleventh end, Wales won the match 19:15.

Scotland suffered losses in both of their Men’s Pairs fixtures with Jason Banks and John Fleming losing 14:19 against Wales despite an initial early lead. For Scotland Culzean Darren Weir and Paul Foster MBE were paired against Ireland’s Sam Barkley and Martin McHugh, the Scots were 14:0 down after 7 ends, an Irish lead which couldn’t be caught despite the pairs’ best efforts to pull back.

In the Women’s Singles for Scotland Culzean, Dee Hoggan played England’s Amy Gowshall. Scores were level at 8:8 after 11 ends, but a strong finish from Gowshall saw England win the match. The Women’s Fours for Culzean saw another English win with Lesley Doig, Stacey McDougall, Lauren Baillie-Whyte and Caroline Brown losing 14:6 to Sophie Tolchard, Jamie Lea Winch, Natalie Chestney and Sian Honnor.


The scores from today’s third session can be found below:


  • Men’s Pairs (Scotland Culzean) Darren Weir & Paul Foster 13 v (Ireland A) Sam Barkley & Martin McHugh 20

  • Men’s Triples (Scotland Culzean) Ronnie Duncan, Stewart Anderson & Darren Burnett 15 v (Ireland A) Alan Paul, Jack Moffett & Simon Martin 11

  • Men’s Pairs (Scotland Alloway) Jason Banks & John Fleming 14 v (Wales) Dan Salmon & Jarrad Breen 19

  • Men’s Triples (Scotland Alloway) Martyn Rice, Derek Oliver & Iain McLean 15 v (Wales) Owain Dando, Ross Owen & Jon Tomlinson 19

  • Women’s Fours (Scotland Culzean) Lesley Doig, Stacey McDougall, Claire Johnston & Caroline Brown 6 v (England) Sophie Tolchard, Jamie Lea Winch, Natalie Chestney & Sian Honnor 14

  • Women’s Singles (Scotland Culzean) Dee Hoggan 16 v (England) Amy Gowshall 21

  • Men’s Triples (England) Louis Ridout, Nick Brett & Jamie Chestney 11 v (Ireland B ) Aaron Tennant, Andy Kyle & Ian McClure 20

  • Men’s Pairs (England) Ed Morris & Jamie Walker 22 v (Ireland B ) Stuart Bennett & Mark Wilson 4

  • Women’s Singles (Wales) Sara Nicholls 21 v (Ireland) Lara Reaney 19

  • Women’s Fours (Wales) Laura Daniels, Alis Butten, Ysie White & Anwen Butten 17 v (Ireland) Erin Smith, Shauna O’Neill, Courtney Meneely & Chloe Wilson 13

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