Dyce BC Club Story

Dyce BC in Aberdeen has undergone a modern-makeover after enlisting help from the pupils of a local school to work on an art-installation on the grounds of the club. Allan Robertson from the club got in touch to share this news with us and explained how this new mural has built connections with the local community and may even lead to increased membership for the club.

“Last year one of our walls was showing its age. One of our members, Denis Murphy, repointed it and myself and another member, Norman Cruickshank, then painted it using grey masonry paint. It looked OK but it was basically, boring! So, I had a rush of blood to the brain. That does not happen often these days!!!

“Up in Aberdeen every so often is the City Council invite artists in to paint various scenes on the sides of lots of buildings. It is called NUART and has proved to be extremely well received by everyone in the city. So, I thought, what about this wall? I got the name and address of the Art Department head at Dyce Academy, David Ashley, and he thought that it would be a worthwhile project for his pupils to undertake.”

The club held consultations with it’s members to decide on the design of this colourful mural which includes a nod to the opening of the club in 1952, references to the granite buildings as well as aeroplanes to reference both the clubs’ logo and local airport.

“After lots of communications, draft drawings, planning etc the mural is complete and the club is absolutely delighted with the results. It has also helped the club in a few other ways, namely a lot more locals now know that there is a bowling club in Dyce, where it is and when we are having our Open Day. So hopefully we can get a few new members out of it all!”

Thanks to Allan for getting in touch and letting us know about this unique project between bowling green and community. We always welcome news from clubs, to share a story please get in touch via info@bowlsscotland.com

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