Cawdor Bowling Club saved from closure

In a remarkable testament to community spirit and proactive intervention, Nairn Bowling Club, under the leadership of President Bob Ferenth, Treasurer Ruth McWilliam, and Secretary Sandra Tucker, stepped in to help prevent the closure of its neighbouring club at Cawdor. Over the past two years, their dedicated efforts have seen the transformation of Cawdor Bowling Club, ensuring its revival and securing a promising future.

In 2021/22 Cawdor Bowling Club was faced with an imminent closure due to the lack of members, funds, and leadership. Faced with the looming threat, the Officers at Nairn BC offered a lifeline to Cawdor BC by providing guidance, leadership, and a comprehensive five-year plan. The plan included the creation of a new identity (adopting the peacock that frequents the green) for the club, alongside a significant refurbishment of its clubhouse, and a program of membership recruitment, spearheaded by the team of enthusiastic volunteers. Through their hard work, the facilities have been rejuvenated, becoming a vibrant centre for community activities once more.

Crucial fundraising initiatives were instrumental in financing the club's revival, with generous contributions from local Cawdor businesses and support from the Winds of Change foundation. This financial backing helped ensure that Cawdor BC could address its immediate challenges and lay the groundwork for sustainable growth.

In tandem with these efforts, Nairn BC actively helped recruit new members, injecting fresh energy into Cawdor BC's membership ranks. The influx of new faces saw the clubs membership grow from 12 to 56 members in just a couple of years, helping to revitalise the club, fostering a sense of camaraderie and enthusiasm among its members.

Further enhancements were made to the bowling green, improving the playing experience for members and visitors alike. This work was carried out by a number of volunteers and was underpinned by the purchase of new green equipment. This equipment was kindly funded by The Winds of Change.

A significant milestone in the revival of Cawdor BC was the appointment of Jimmy Craigie, a long-term member, to the presidency. This move ensured continuity and brought valuable local experience to the helm, helping to guide the club towards a bright future. It also laid the foundation for a new leadership team to be recruited from within the Cawdor community and its new membership.

With the support and sponsorship of the local community, as well as funding from the Winds of Change, Cawdor BC has emerged from its struggles stronger than ever. As part of the overall recovery plan, Nairn Bowling Club's leadership team is now handing back control to the new-found members, ensuring that Cawdor BC retains its unique identity and autonomy.

Nairn Bowling Club’s President Bob Ferenth and Cawdor Bowling Club's President Jimmy Craigie expressed gratitude to all who contributed to the success of the initiative, emphasising the power of collaboration and community spirit. With Cawdor BC now back on its feet and poised for a structured and bright future, the partnership between Nairn Bowling Club and Cawdor BC stands as a shining example of what can be achieved through friendships, collaboration, unity, and determination. 

Lawn bowls is all about people, having some fun, creating friendships and lifelong support mechanisms. This is at the heart of both Nairn and Cawdor Bowling Club.

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