An Interview with BIWBC Junior Players Megan Kivlin & Lesley Doig

With the British Isles Womens Bowls Council competition kicking off this weekend at the City of Derry Bowling Club in Ireland, we caught up with players Megan Kivlin and Lesley Doig to hear how they are feeling in the lead up to this taking place:


So Megan, when and how did your journey into the world of bowls begin?

I started bowling at the age of 7 and for me it was a different experience. My grandad got me into the sport and used to take me up to the green for a practice sometimes. Ever since then I’ve never been off the green for the last 9 years.


How did you feel when you found out you would be representing Scotland as a New Cap this year?

After not getting selected the previous year I was determined to show that I had the ability to get into the team so I put my hard work in and won the under 25 singles. After getting selected this year it has really made my hard work worthwhile.


How have you been practicing in the lead up to the competition in Ireland?

Leading up to the Internationals and the British Isles I have practiced every day by setting out a 48 bowls test and practising different lengths of jacks


As a young bowler yourself, why would you encourage other young people to get involved and try bowls as a sport?

As a young bowler I would highly recommend that other young people get involved in bowls because there are so many opportunities nowadays that progress young players towards higher levels. After club level there are many pathways through playing for Scotland starting at under 17’s level and working up through the rankings.


So Lesley, when and how did your journey into the world of bowls begin?

I started playing outdoor bowls when I was nine years old as my dad and older sister already played. I took up indoor bowls at the age of 12.


How does it feel to be representing Scotland again in the BIWBC Juniors competition?

I am honoured to be representing Scotland again as a junior internationalist. This series will be particularly memorable as this will be my ninth and also my last year in the team. This will also be my first experience of skipping an international team so it would be great to leave the team with three wins (no pressure to the rest of my rink lol) but obviously a win overall would be a great way to end a very enjoyable junior international career.


What would your advice be to the new caps in the squad this year?

I would tell the new caps to relax and enjoy every minute of it as the years in the team just fly in and if they have a bad couple of ends don't worry about it, we all do it! I have seen all of them play at either the trial or the dynamic day and each one of them deserves their place in a very strong junior international team.


As an experienced bowler yourself, why would you encourage people to get involved and try bowls as a sport?

I would encourage people to play bowls as it is a sport that can be enjoyed at any age either competitively or socially. I myself know that I wouldn't have been to some of the places and met some of the people I have met if I didn't play bowls.


We wish all players in the BIWBC Junior team the very best of luck in the competition this weekend!

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