Selection Policy

Selection Policy

This is the selection policy for the Bowls Scotland (BS) Performance Programme effective from October 2020. It contains a brief description of the programme; the criteria players must achieve to be considered for and retained on the programme as well as the selection and review process. The policy is based on The BS WITTW Model player skills and attributes.

The policy may be amended from time to time subject to changes in BS developing performance structure and to reflect the increasing demands of Bowls at the highest International level.

Purpose of the Programme

The objective of the BS Performance Programme is to deliver medal success at Commonwealth Games in both Mainstream and Para Events. The programme outlines a defined set of criteria and provides selected players with:
• The opportunity to access individual coaching support from the BS coaching staff as part of their individual development plan
• Integrated planning & development as agreed with the Head Coach and Performance Operations Manager to develop double skill sets in players focussing on position and discipline specific training
• Access to sportscotland institute of sport (SIS) support if agreed as part of their individual development plan
• Focussed squad days in advance of major competition representation
• The opportunity to train within a performance focussed environment against strong opposition and gain invaluable International competition experience


For athletes to be selected players must meet the following:

• Be eligible to represent Team Scotland under the International Representation rules of the CGF/CGS
• Not currently be under disqualification or suspension under the rules of World Bowls/Bowls Scotland


• Players who have demonstrated the ability to medal at World and Commonwealth, level or other key competitions (as identified by the Head Coach/Head Para Coach) and who continue to excel on the world stage
• Players considered capable of delivering podium level results in the current Commonwealth cycle
• Players who are deemed to have the ability to consistently deliver a ‘Performance when it Counts’ (as identified by the Head Coach/Head Para Coach)
• Ability to perform on relevant playing conditions and perform in position specific roles or perform a double skill set
• Players who demonstrate potential to achieve on the world stage and have proven results at Atlantic, European level or other key competitions deemed to be considered an appropriate standard by the High Coach/Head Para Coach
• Players who demonstrate results from any Squad/benchmarking days that achieve agreed scoring on specified tests

Other relevant points to note:

• Achieving entry criteria for the BS Performance Programme as set out in the selection policy only means that the player will be considered for the programme; it does not give the player absolute right to inclusion
• Irrespective of previous performances, players will only be considered for selection if they are considered to be progressing towards, or continuing to achieve the appropriate levels of performance in line with the objective of the programme
• If more players achieve the required criteria than the number of places available, the selection panel will decide between the eligible players and this will include consideration of the rate of improvement and who is considered to have the highest medal potential in both the short and the long term
• The selection panel may decide, at its own discretion, not to utilise the full allocation of places on the Programme
• Performance criteria must be achieved in double skill sets (position and discipline specific)

Selection and review process:

The selection panel will consist of:

• Performance Operations Manager (Chair)
• Head Coach/Head Para Coach
• Nominated BS Supporting Coaches
• Any other advisors where relevant

The selection panel will meet annually in November to review all athletes against the programme criteria and discuss nominations of new players.

Other relevant information to note:

• Extraordinary selection and review meetings may be held at other times of the year as required and agreed by Performance Operations Manager/Head Coach/Head Para Coach. This may involve from time to time consideration of players currently not selected to the programme but who are demonstrating exceptional current form and future potential.
• All athletes will receive the decision of the selection panel, the rationale behind the decision and a feedback comment on areas considered for development
• Players selected will sign a player agreement outlining expected engagement with the programme.
• Players can be deselected in the event of non-compliance in training or competition, breach of any confidentiality requirement in relation to selection notification and/or a breach of responsibility to the team or a violation of the Players Agreement.
• Players can be deselected from the programme if their engagement or level of performance in competition and training does not meet the required standard to remain involved
• Players can also be deselected from the programme based on non-attendance at designated squad days and individual coaching sessions. This will be assessed against individual athlete plan agreements and at Head Coach/Head Para Coach discretion.

Appeals Procedure

Click here to view the full Bowls Scotland appeals procedure for selection.

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