Player Profile - West Kilbride BC Gents Fours


Lead - Ally McCallum

Second – Scott Brown

Third – Darren O’Rourke

Skip – David Crawford



Ally - 30

Scott – 47

Darren – 37

David - 43


When you started bowling and why:

Ally – Aged 7 as my family all played

Scott – Aged 27, my mate won the Championship the year before I joined, and I got the bowling bug. I played for one year when I was 10 years old due to my mum and dad being members, but I chose to play Golf

Darren – Aged 12 when my friend took me up to play

David - I started bowling when I was 12 years old. I took up bowling because my dad joined the local bowling club and I enjoyed gong to watch him play


Bowls Used (Manufacturer, Model & Size):

Ally – Taylor International size 4

Scott – Taylor International size 4

Darren – Taylor Aces size 4

David - Taylor Lignoid size 2, same bowl I have used since I started bowling



Ally – Chumps

Scott – Pawbroon

Darren – Disco

David – The Craw & Tony Dobbin (due to a likeness to the jockey)


Favourite meal after a day on the green:

Ally – Lasagne

Scott – Chinese

Darren – Chinese

David – Steak Pie


Favourite film/TV series:

Ally – Sons of Anarchy

Scott – Game of Thrones

Darren – Game of Thrones

David – Line of Duty


Dream holiday destination:

Ally – New York

Scott – Las Vegas

Darren – Florida

David – Australia


Biggest Fear:

Ally – Snakes

Scott – Spiders

Darren – Bridges/Heights

David – Any sort of creepy crawly


Karaoke Song:

Ally – The Gambler

Scott – Walk 500 Miles (but I hate Karaoke)

Darren – Karma Chameleon

David – Paper Roses


Toughest opponent at Northfield:

Ally – Paul Foster’s rink in the final

Scott – Paul Foster’s rink because it was the final against our Ayrshire team mates

Darren – Paul Foster’s rink because it was the national final

David – I am lucky enough to have been a member of Northfield BC for the last two years and I would have to say fellow member John Cuthbertson is my toughest opponent


Funniest Moment (on or off the green):

Ally, Scott & Darren – Sitting between the semi-final and final. We all had a few pints (several) and a laugh whilst our opponents were in the tea room. The three of us had the same answer because we were just trying to keep calm, have a laugh and chill

David - The Phantom bowl story. I once played in a tournament at Darvel BC and reached the final. However, the final took place after 8pm and light was diminishing fast. When it came to the final end, we were a few shots down and it was now pitch black. You could not see the other end of the green or any of the players. I had the last bowl and an unlikely chance of getting enough shots to win the game, so I decided to play the phantom bowl. Instead of throwing my bowl, I placed it down and started running up the green. Halfway up I shouted to my team mates that I was close to trailing the jack, believing this they started to shout that I was close, I kept shouting that I was close and they kept encouraging the bowl, until I finally reached the head. Everyone looked surprised my bowl had not appeared including our opponents. Cue laughter all round when I explained my bowl was sitting on the mat at the other end of the green


How does it feel to win a National Championship:

Ally – Over the moon. That was the plan from the year earlier when we decided that was our best chance of winning a national title

Scott – Best feeling I have ever had in sport

Darren – Delighted

David - It was a fantastic feeling to win a National Championship after many years of trying. It was a mixture of relief at finally winning one and also elation. Definitely one of my best moments in bowls


Advice to upcoming bowlers:

Ally – Don’t take it too seriously

Scott – Enjoy yourself and practice

Darren – Stay off the drink

David – To enjoy the game and practice lots, especially the draw shot


Future aspirations in Bowls:

Ally – Win another Scottish Championship

Scott – Win another Club Championship at WKBC

Darren – To win the Club Championship at WKBC

David - It has to be to try and win another National Championship. I have also been lucky enough to be capped by Scotland and would like to gain more caps. After a close miss last year in the Home Internationals it would be great to be part of a Scotland team that wins the series

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