DYC Q&A Linda Park

As part of our ongoing commitment to heighten awareness of the good work being done by volunteers, we have reached out to our District Co-ordinators (DCs) and District Youth Co-ordinators (DYCs) to find out more about these roles and the dedicated volunteers who carry out this crucial role.

We spoke to Dalserf BC’s Linda Park, DYC for District 19 who was also appointed as a member of Bowls Scotland’s National Championships Operational Group at the end of 2022, to find out more about her volunteering journey in bowls.

Q) Describe your role as District Youth Co-ordinator?

A) My role as a DYC is to recruit junior members within my District to enter the play off stages which I then arrange at a neutral bowling green within my district.

Q) Why did you decide to become a DYC and how long have you been in the role?

A) I started this adventure last year, to try and get the junior members numbers up. I felt Covid had a lot to answer for, as many clubs lost members, or the previous ones progressed into the senior section but not a lot of new junior members coming forward. So, this will be my second year, and I hope to continue to recruit to my local clubs.

Q) What do you like best about your role?

A) I enjoy meeting and mixing with juniors and their parents and promoting the sportsmanship that the Bowling community are proud to promote.

Q) What advice would you give to somebody considering volunteering for their club (or for Bowls Scotland?)

A) Always look out for teammates, encourage members of all ages to take part in all games, at all levels and make competitions exciting.

Q) What is your favourite thing about bowls?

A) My favourite thing about bowls for many years is the exciting, happy, talented bowlers that you meet, and the competitive nature games are played and being there to witness some exceptional and outstanding victories over the years.

Huge thanks to Linda for taking the time to give answers for this Q&A, clubs looking to recruit junior members can contact their local DYC using the contact details provided here.

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