2023 World Bowls Championships - Player Profile: Derek Oliver

Earliest bowls memory: Watching my brother play for Port Seton.

Best bowls achievement: Winning two Commonwealth gold medals at Gold Coast 2018.

Your all-star bowls rink:

Lead – Willie Wood MBE

Second – Graham Robertson

Third – Angus Blair    

Skip – Alex Marshall MBE

Occupation: Civil Servant.

Favourite meal: Chinese.

Biggest fear: Spiders.

Apple or Android: Apple.

Pineapple on pizza: Yes, 100%!

Favourite TV show: Still Game.

Favourite past or present non-bowls athlete and why: Tiger Woods at his best was untouchable.

Cats or dogs: Dogs.

Which player is most likely to be invited to Frazer Muirhead’s house for dinner: Definitely Jason Banks, would be an easy meal for Frazer to cook!

Your biggest pet peeve & why: Sitting in traffic as I’m too impatient. I would rather go the long way and still be moving.

Most likely to forget their passport going to Australia: Unfortunately, I could be in this bracket!

Dream holiday destination and why: Cancun, Mexico. Looks amazing!

Goal for 2023 World Bowls Championships: To medal in both disciplines.  

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