DOB - 8th October 1983.

Club - Blackwood Victoria BC.

Bowls used - Taylor Ace size 5 Heavy.

How you got into the sport – My father got me started at age 12. He had just retired from the police and was taking it back up having played when he was younger, and I got started with him. 

Scotland debut - 2007.

Bowling highlights – So many highlights to pick just one. One of my favourite memories is captaining the U25 team when we won the series at Leamington Spa. Fantastic series that went down to the last end against England before we came out on top. The celebrations and delight across our whole team was brilliant to see and has always stuck with me as a real highlight as to what it means to people when they pull that Scotland top on. There’s no better nation to represent! 

Most embarrassing moment on the green - Junior International trial at Kirkliston BC. An absolutely baking hot day and 2 ends into the trial I go and split the ar*e of my trousers meaning I had to wear my white waterproof trousers for the rest of the day, felt like 100 degrees in them!

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