DOB – 27th August 1980.

Club – Motherwell BC.

Bowls used – Taylor Ace size 3.

How you got into the sport – My parents and grandparents played bowls, so I’ve grown up with going along to the bowling club from a very young age.  

Scotland debut –  2006.

Bowling highlights – World Indoor Ladies Singles Matchplay champion 2007

Scottish Outdoor and British Isles Singles champion 2010 & 2011

World Bowls Singles Champion of Champions silver medallist

1x World Bowls Championship gold medallist 

World Cup Singles champion 2014

2x Scottish Indoor and British Isles Singles champion 2017 & 2018

1x Commonwealth Games silver medallist   

Most embarrassing moment on the green - Playing at the 2018 Commonwealth Games in the Gold Coast in one of our section games in the triples. My foot slipped on the mat as I went to deliver my bowl to a full-length jack. My bowl ended up closer to me than the jack when it came to rest! The umpire had to come on and measure it to ensure it was the legal distance!

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