Club - Caledonian BC.

Area Covered – Perth and Kinross.

How you got into Bowls - My grandad and my parents played and with nothing much else to do in the wee town I grew up in it was the logical choice. Once I started, I was well and truly hooked. Always enjoyed watching it growing up. Perfect sport for those school summer holidays that doesn’t cost a fortune and kept us out of trouble.

Why you wanted to be a TBA – There is too much stigma around bowls being an old people’s sport and I want to help change that. I especially think that kids/teenagers and mid 30’s onwards adults are the space to encourage as they develop in life. I want to show that you don’t need to be retired to enjoy it.

What would you say to encourage people to try bowls - Try it! It’s an amazing challenge of skill and offers you the best of both worlds with social friendlies and a plethora of competitive opportunities for those who want that side of sport as well.

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