Thank You Frontline Workers

As a sport with over 55,000 registered club members, we all know someone who is a frontline worker, it might be you! We know that our essential workers have put their health at risk every day to ensure the rest of us can remain safe and well during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bowls Scotland would like the collective bowling community to give thanks to every one of our frontline workers for their dedication and perseverance during these difficult times. We want to thank them for the early morning shifts, the missed dinners, the not seeing loved ones for days – we want them to know that everyone within our bowling family is grateful for these sacrifices and for saving lives and helping others.

Campaign Documents

For more information on the Thank You Frontline Workers campaign, please click here.

To sign your club up to Thank You Frontline Workers campaign, please click here.

To view the Thank You Frontline Workers campaign Official Poster, please click here

How does the Campaign work?

  • Clubs offer FREE playing membership for frontline workers who are not current members of a bowls club for the remainder of the playing season 2020

  • Advertise and promote the FREE membership offer in your community and on social media channels

  • When appropriate, organise small celebration ‘get togethers’ with frontline workers in line with current government guidance for physical distancing

  • Consider how to retain these NEW members into 2021 season perhaps with the offer of a reduced membership fee

Who is a Frontline Worker and how do we get involved?

  • We normally think of NHS staff, police, and fire services, but there are many more people involved in supporting us by providing a frontline service during lockdown. It might be the volunteers who supported a foodbank or neighbours who shopped for people shielding or isolating.  Clubs will have the autonomy to decide what front line service should be included.

  • To register your club please download the application form and return completed version via email to


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