DOB – 5th February 1964.

Club – Willowbank BC.

Bowls used – Aero Groove size 2.

How you got into the sport – As a teenager I had a boyfriend who played bowls. If I wanted to see more of him, I decided to play bowls too.

Scotland debut – 2019.

Bowling highlights – As a disabled person getting through an international selection trial to play for the senior Welsh indoor team in 2018. Also, playing at the 2018 Commonwealth Games held in the Gold Coast.

Most embarrassing moment on the green - As a young mammy, my girls came with me to the bowling green. I was known for running up the green after my bowls. During a match I couldn't understand why people were laughing and pointing until I got to the others end of the green to see my 3-year-old daughter tanking down the green behind me.

On a more recent occasion my stick slipped from beneath me as I was about to deliver a bowl and I went head over heels to land flat out on the green. Everyone had a good laugh, one of my team members marked me as 9.6 for gracefulness as I fell to the ground. No bones broken thankfully!

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