DOB – 27th September 1964.

Club – Polmuir BC.

How you got into the sport – My husband and in laws bowled, I was a golfer at the time, but they encouraged me to try the game. When I did, I found that I was not too bad at it and fell in love with the game.

Bowling Highlights – I am predominantly an indoor bowler and have been fortunate to have been an internationalist for 20 years and been successful at Scottish and British Isles level. Outdoor I have qualified twice for the National Championships at Ayr in the singles and thoroughly enjoyed the experience, luckily for me the weather wasn't too bad!

Best bowls advice received – When I started playing the game I was looked after at the club by the more senior members. They taught me the etiquette of the game and whether you win or lose it is about the enjoyment.


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