DOB – 10th January 1964.

Club – Trinity BC.

Bowls used – Aero Groove size 0

How you got into the sport – I remember my dad taking me to our public park which was at the back of our house and it had bowling greens that you could pay to play on. I must have been about 7 years old at the time, and I played with my dad’s size 4 bowls.

Scotland debut – 2021.

Bowling highlights – Delighted at being selected to play as part of the Scotland team in the Home Nations in 2021.

Most embarrassing moment on the green – Playing bowls with my dad on the public green and our cat, which often followed me to the park when I was walking our dog, running onto the green and playing with all the players jacks. She “dribbled” them like they were footballs and caused absolute havoc!

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