DOB – 18th March 1987.

Club – Marchmount BC.

Bowls used – Taylor Ace size 4.

How you got into the sport – My nana & papa played and my dad & I used to go and watch all the time. There was a small putting green next to the green and I played on it for hours until I was allowed to join.

Scotland debut – 2007.

Bowling highlights – Winning the Scottish singles in 2017 is my biggest highlight. Playing for Scotland at any level is always a massive highlight as well.

Most embarrassing moment on the green - Playing a junior international game in Wales against Wales, it’s the 17th end and our rink still hasn’t lost a shot. We were shot down and I played a runner and knew it was wide so turned round to pick the mat up only to hear my third shout up you’ve made the shot. I never actually seen it but must have been an outrageous fluke, I didn’t feel the most popular with the crowd after that one!

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