High Performance Programme Summary


Purpose of the Plan

This document forms the 2015-2019 Performance Plan for Bowls in Scotland. This plan is to highlight and record the competitive goals and performance aspirations for our players, coaches and support staff.

This plan will evolve throughout the cycle 2015-2019. Lawn Bowls have been very successful on the World stage and this plan will drive forward a Performance programme to raise performances and consistency against the main rival competing nations.


To Deliver a High Performance Programme to ensure Scottish Bowlers can achieve their potential and ultimately deliver medals at World Championships and Commonwealth Games and will be the responsibility of the High Performance Manager and High Performance coach to educate players and support coaches on the philosophy of the programme.

We will monitor, measure record and assess the performances of the programme and its players not just in medal terms but through key performance Indictors.

Overall Performance Objectives

  • Select the best Players
  • Increase coached time on the Green
  • Maximising the preparation of the players to perform
  • Coach Education/High Performance coaching programme
  • Develop a sustainable Performance Pathway
  • Establish an objective and transparent selection criteria

Performance Targets

  • 2015-16 - To win 4 medals out of a possible 8 at Atlantic Rim
  • To win 4 medals out of a possible 8 at 6 Nations New Zealand
  • 2016-17- To win 4 medals out of a possible 8 at World Championship New Zealand
  • 2017-18- To win 3 medals at Commonwealth Games

Competition /Training Programmes

When players are selected into the Performance Programme they will meet with the High Performance Manager and High Performance Coach to go through an individual gap analysis.

The Player will then complete a Periodised competition Schedule and a Personal Development Plan incorporating Technical and Tactical Areas, Fitness and Physiological input and other support services.

Training schedules and practice routines will be developed with the Player and the Head Coach. The major issue is the lack of competitions available for Benchmarking so a Test Series would help alleviate part of the problem and give more competition time for our players. We can also create a competition structure within the Regional Structure.

Players in Scotland need to be guided as to the best competitions to play in to help their development.


Coaching Philosophy

To provide opportunities to develop bowlers' skills and provide a learning environment that is constantly challenging and develop players to be able to perform in all conditions and on any surface. To develop players who are mentally and physically fit to bowl.

3 Key Areas
Technical Grip
Stance/Line up
Foot position/Foot fault
Weight Distribution
Delivery Movement /Follow through
Tactical Head Reading
Shot selection
Game Plan
Team Dynamics Communication
Mentally Strong/Growth Mindset

Coaching staff will be the Head coach and 2 assistants who will work with the Performance Players and deliver technical sessions at regular training sessions and squad days. Repetitive time on task with specific drills is vital in a technical sport to enhance performance and consistency.

2 coaches will be identified in each of the 5 Regions and be upskilled to deliver the basic principles of technical work to be delivered.

Selection Process

Having an objective and transparent selection criteria where the Selection process to the High Performance Programme is on the basis of their prospect of being members of teams capable of winning medals in 2018 and 2022, by gauging key performance factors on an ongoing basis.

Inclusion into the programme should be seen as an investment decision in future performances at identified events and the key question to be asked when making any selection decision

“Is there a realistic chance of this Player delivering a medal winning performance at the identified World Championships and Commonwealth Games?”

Key Performance Factors

  • Performance Delivery
  • Performance Talent/Potential
  • Commitment/Mindset

Performance Pathway

Key Objectives: 

To implement an agreed player/coaching Pathway to be communicated to members and allows Talent to be recognised in the Regional Structure. 
Upskilling of coaches to deliver to the Performance players in support roles to the Head Coach and delivery to the Performance Players.
Having a Competition structure that links into the Pathway that can provide a Ranking System for selection. 
Implementing new Test Series and amending current competition for Performance players.


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