Event Selection Policy

Bowls Scotland Generic Selection Policy for High Performance Squad, Test Series and International Competitions (excluding BIBC, BIWBC and Commonwealth Games)

Bowls Scotland General Selection Policy Aim

Bowls Scotland selects teams which will perform with distinction on the world stage, maintaining Scotland’s position within the top four ranked countries.


1 All players wishing to be considered for nomination by Bowls Scotland (BS) will need to satisfy the eligibility and performance criteria set out below:

1.1 The eligibility criteria of BS and World Bowls as published on BS and World Bowls websites.

1.2 Signing and returning the BS Player Agreement on selection to the High Performance Squad Programmes, competitions and teams.

1.3 Abiding by the terms of the Players Agreement and BS code of conduct.

1.4 At all times acting in such a manner so as not to bring themselves or other players, the relevant competition, BS or any of its sponsors into disrepute.

1.5 Compliance with WADA Anti-Doping Policy at all times.

1.6 Compliance with the Bowls Scotland Equality and Diversity Policy at all times.


2 The BS High Performance Panel will include the following individuals:

2.1 The BS head coach;

2.2 Two others at specific times appointed by the head coach who will have relevant and up-to-date knowledge of players’ current form and programme performance (these individuals along with the head coach will have voting rights); advisers who will have specific information on performance analysis of the players may be invited to attend (the two advisers and chair will have no voting rights on selection). An independent individual may be asked to attend when deemed necessary. 


3 When considering players, the High Performance Panel may consider all or some of the following factors (not listed in any order of priority):

3.1 Past international results and experience on relevant playing surface (including indoor competitions).

3.2 Present competition form and performance readiness.

3.3 Possible team dynamic and position-specific criteria.

3.4 Programme adherence and player attitude and behaviour.

3.5 Any accepted special consideration applications (including players who do not fall into the present player pathways).

3.6 Player participation in nominated control competitions/assessments and specific team training events (only where this is a requirement of the competition-specific selection criteria and in conjunction with the players’ individual elite training programme).

3.7 Performance analysis gathered at squad days and competitions including scores on specific training drills.

3.8 In order to maximise medal potential, the High Performance selection panel will select players based on composition of position-specific specialist, team dynamics and performance on relevant playing conditions which may be at the expense of a qualified player in another discipline.


4 Following the selection meeting where appropriate, both successful and unsuccessful players shall be notified of the decision of the Selection Committee in writing and formally through the BS office.

4.1 No player will be informed of their selection informally at time of a selection event.

4.2 Notwithstanding the above, the head coach may contact successful and unsuccessful players prior to the formal written notification.

4.3 In all circumstances, players must abide by any confidentiality requirement or embargo placed upon selection notification until such time as the head coach stipulates within the notification whether formal or otherwise.

4.4 Any player who has not been selected has the right to meet the head coach to seek further clarification regarding their non-selection. The player must request and attend this meeting within three days of the notification of their non-selection. After this meeting the player may appeal in writing, including the grounds on which the appeal is made to the Chief Executive of BS; the appeal must arrive at the BS office within four days of the clarification meeting with the head coach. BS appeal process will then take place. For appeals regarding non-nomination for Commonwealth Games please see the published CGS selection policy.


5 If a player has not met any of the selection criteria in points 1 and 3 above, the player may still be eligible through ‘Special Consideration’.

5.1 Family bereavement.

5.2 Injury to the player.

5.3 Illness of the player.

5.4 Travel delays.

5.5 The player has had prior agreement from the head coach to attend other performance relevant competitions (including indoor).

Any of the above which prevents the player from being present or participating in the selection process or attending squad training (where this is a requirement of the competition-specific selection criteria and also part of the player’s individual elite programme).


6 Players may be removed from the squad/team,

6.1 If they incur an illness or injury that, in the opinion of the head coach, could inhibit their performance at the competition.

6.2 In the event of non-compliance in training or competition, breach of any confidentiality requirement in relation to selection notification and/or a breach of responsibility to the team or a violation of the Players Agreement, failure to comply with the selection conditions outlined in point 3 above.

6.3 Players may only be removed from the squad by the Elite Selection Panel.

6.4 Any player not displaying consistency in performance and training may be withdrawn following a recommendation by the head coach.

6.5 Bowls Scotland is committed to providing equality for everyone involved or participating in bowls in Scotland, by providing a positive and accessible environment, free from prejudice and unlawful discrimination and valuing the needs and rights of all individuals. As such, any player who is deemed to have breached the Equality and Diversity Policy shall immediately be removed from the squad/team.

Prior to a player being removed from the selected team/squad, for any of the reasons stipulated above, the player must be given the right to appeal against the decision. The player will have the right to have the decision reviewed by the selection committee and a right to be heard in writing or in person.


7 Following receipt the special consideration application will be determined by the BS Elite Selection Panel who will have complete discretion to either accept or reject the application.

7.1 The decision of the Elite Selection Panel will be final and there will be no further opportunity for appeal available to the player.

7.2 The Elite Selection Committee will notify the player making the application of its decision as soon as possible after the decision has been made. Such notification will be verbal and will be followed up in writing.

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