Torrance Purvis Trophy

1. This competition is open to all ladies who are members of Bowls Scotland clubs.
Teams of 10 players will form the “team” for the competition – the Top Ten.
Each team can be made up of any combination of players as long as each player is a member of any bowling club which is a member of Bowls Scotland.
The entry fee is £50 per team.

2. The competition is entirely managed by Bowls Scotland, who will divide the entrants into 4 geographical regions and carry out a knock-out draw of the fixtures, once all entries are confirmed. Entries will be required by 28th February 2019. Draws for the competitions will be made by Bowls Scotland and issued electronically to named team representatives by 25th March 2019.

3. Matches will be played in 1 day with 2 games on that date and must be played on the date set. The match dates will be published by Bowls Scotland and any team not willing to play on that agreed date will forfeit the game. The match will be played on a neutral green, suitably located to suit both, by the Bowls Scotland coordinators.

For 2019 date for play will be:
• Preliminary round – Sunday 26th May
• 1st round – Sunday 23rd June
• 2nd round – Sunday 7th July
• 3rd round – Saturday 10th August
Semi-finals and finals will be played on Saturday 7th September at the National Centre for Bowling, Northfield, Ayr. Number of rounds required will only be known once entries are confirmed.

4. The 4 section winners will play semi-finals and finals, as arranged by Bowls Scotland with the 2 winners of the semi-finals competing in the final.

5. Team selection – players in a team can be any nominated players forming an agreed Top Ten team, being named at first game on the green.
The teams can be changed around between any round. However, players cannot be substituted between two participating Top Ten teams. All results must be returned to Bowls Scotland within 24 hours of the games being completed.

6. Players will only play for 1 Top Ten team in any year.

7. Scoring – the matches will consist of the following ties:
• Singles playing to 21 shots
• 4 bowl Pairs playing 17 ends
• 3 bowl Triples playing 15 ends
• Fours playing 17 ends
2 points will be awarded for a win, 1 point for a draw. Should the points and shots be equal the aggregate shots of the singles will be taken to determine the winner. However, if that were to be equal the singles would be required to play 1 extra end to decide the match.
No more than 1 trial end in each direction may be played.

8. Abandoned games – if a game is abandoned, due to the green being deemed unplayable by the venue and officials on the day, the following criteria must be met to constitute a completed game.
If 11 ends or more have been played by the competing sides, the results will stand, and the game decided. The result will be taken at the point where all teams have played the same number of ends.
All players must start at the same time.
If 1 rink is unplayable then the entire team will require to stop play.
Singles – first player to reach 14 shots will be deemed the winner.
If all the criteria are not met, then the teams must return to the venue and complete the game, at a mutually agreed date within 8 days.

A resumed game is a game which is properly started after the jack is delivered in the first end (trial ends do not count) and all teams have not played at least 11 ends.
In a resumed game players must play in the same position of the same side and the cards are continued at the end where the game was stopped.
If any number of players are not available any number of substitutes may be used.

9. Dress code – the dress code for all stages of the competition: each Top Ten team must be dressed alike in any combination of trousers, skirts or shorts and with coordinated tops.

10. Stamping of bowls will be as Bowls Scotland rule on bowls stamping.

11. Prize money for the Top Ten qualifiers: Winners £300 plus Torrance Purvis Trophy and a medal for each player named. Runners-up £200 plus a medal for each player named. Third and fourth place will not be played for and the teams will be awarded £150 each.

12. Each team has 24 hours to give written notice of any protest to Bowls Scotland.

13. The coordinators for each area are:
• North – Kathleen Gordon
• West – Betty Aitken
• East – Liz Wallace
• Central – Kaye Cullinan

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