Charity Trophy


1. The Charity Game is open to all member clubs of Bowls Scotland.
2. There will be an entry fee of £10
3. Each club may enter 1 Four.
4. Bowls Scotland will arrange a draw of the competing clubs, all ties to be played at the same time on the same date.
5. Each qualifying game will consist ;
i. No more than 1 trial end in each direction and 15 scoring ends.
ii. If after the 15 ends a Four is 10 or more shots ahead they must play an additional scoring end. The score in this end will only be used should there be a tie with another rink elsewhere in the competition.
iii. All shots scored in the 16th end will be recorded on the scorecard.
6. The highest scoring 8 Fours in Scotland will play in the second stage at a time and venue decided by Bowls Scotland.
7. Any club failing to participate after the draw is published will be liable for any expenses incurred by their opponents and an additional fine of £10.
8. Dress Code - The dress code in all stages of this competition will be;
i. All players in the same Four must be dressed the same, but any combination of skirt or trousers is permitted and there is no restriction on waterproofs or headgear.
ii. There is no requirement to register colours
iii. All players and Umpires must wear flat soled heel-less footwear.
iv. No restriction on size of Sponsors logo.
9. Stamping of Bowls - For this competition, bowls will only require to be re-tested and re-stamped if the date stamp or serial number is not clearly legible on all bowls (IBB, WBB and WB stamps only). Bowls with ONLY the BIBC Stamp are ineligible.
10. The proceeds of this competition will be paid to a charity to be decided annually.


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