Andrew Hamilton Trophy






1. The first stage of the competition will be played in a league format, each side with six teams of four.

2. Games will be 21 ends. The highest total score over the six rinks will decide the winner. Two points will be awarded to the winning side and in a drawn match one point to each side.

3. The qualifiers from each section will be the two association teams which have gained the highest number of points and aggregate shots.

4.1. Should two or more associations finish with equal points and equal in aggregate shots up, the winner will be the association that won the league game between the two or the best aggregate score in the games played between the equal associations. In the event of a further tie, the winner will be decided on the number of winning fours.

4.2. In the event of a tie in the aggregate score in the knock-out stage then all six fours will play an extra end or ends on the same rinks, with the aggregate score of the extra end deciding the winner. Should there still be a tie then a further extra end(s) will be played to decide the winner.

5.1. If, due to weather conditions, the start of a game is delayed then a review will take place after one hour by the umpire(s) and a Bowls Scotland official if present with the option to:       

                               (a) agree a further delay to the start, or

                               (b) agree to cancel the game.

5.2. In the event that the game is cancelled a new date should be agreed by mutual consent at a meeting called by the Bowls Scotland official(s) or umpire on duty.

5.3. The following officials only should be in attendance: the president and secretary of each association, or their representatives, the Bowls Scotland official(s), if present and the umpire(s) on duty.

5.4. If amicable agreement cannot be agreed by the associations, the Bowls Scotland official(s), if present, will fix a date, time and venue; if not present, the umpire(s) will relay the options to the Bowls Scotland Competition and Events Committee, who will decide when the tie is played.

5.5. The game must take place within the following eight days.

6.1. If a game is stopped during play, either by mutual agreement or by the official umpires and cannot be resumed within one hour, a review will take place by the umpire(s) and Bowls Scotland official(s), if present, with the option to:

                               (a) agree a further delay to  the restart,

                               (b) resume the game, or

                               (c) stop the game.

6.2. A resumed game shall be resumed with the scores as they were when the game was stopped. There will be no trial ends if the game is resumed on the same day.

6.3. If 11 or more ends have been played by the competing sides, the results of the game will be decided on the scores, as at the 11th or subsequent end, all fours to complete the same number of ends.

6.4. A resumed game is a game which has properly started after the jack is delivered in the first end (trial ends do not count) and all rinks have not played at least 11 ends.

In a resumed game, players must play in the same position in the same rinks.

If any number of players are not available any number of substitutes may be used.

If only three players play in a rink then the score will be quartered from the end the game is resumed. The lead and second will play three bowls and the skip two bowls.

If a skip is unavailable, the third must play skip and the remaining players, including substitutes, can be rearranged to play in any order.

7. In deciding the results of a match in which the player(s) may fail to appear. Law 39.2 of Laws of the Sport Crystal Mark Third Edition whatever is applicable, will be used in calculating the aggregate score of a defaulting side.

8. Coloured discs will be issued to all associations and these should be retained for the full series of league games. Sponsors discs are permitted. (Opponents should be advised when these are to be used).

9. Once the score sheets have been signed, they should be forwarded immediately, after conclusion of the game, by telephone or email as per the instructions on the score sheet.

10. General

10.1.    Clubs who are members of more than one association must nominate which association they wish their players to represent in the event of selection. Such nomination shall be binding for a minimum period of five years.

10.2.    A county entering two sides must continue on this basis for a minimum of five years.

10.3.    Associations which have more than one side in the competition must not transfer players between teams.

10.4.    Players of the same club may play for different sides within the same association.

10.5.    The side first played for commits the players for the remainder of the season.

10.6.    All fours must commence play simultaneously.

10.7.    Players must only be selected from Clubs in Full Membership of their Association   and of Bowls Scotland.

10.8.    Any association breaking the rules will be severely dealt with, either by fine or suspension. Points gained will be deducted.


11. Draw for the second stage quarter-final on Saturday 7th July 2018 at 2pm:

  1. Winner (North) v     Runner up (South)     Woodend BC, Aberdeen.
  2. Winner (East)  v     Runner up (West)   Duffus Park, Cupar
  3. Winner (South) v  Runner up (North)   Priorscroft BC, Paisley.
  4. Winner (West)  v  Runner up (East)    Doune Castle BC, Doune.

Semi-finals to be played on Saturday 14th July - (No. 1 v 2) (No. 3 v 4) at Kirriemuir BC and Bellahouston BC, Glasgow at 2pm. Venues will be allocated after the quarter-finals.

The final will be played on Saturday 21st July 2018 at the National Centre for Bowling, Northfield, Ayr at 2pm.

12. Greens used for Andrew Hamilton Trophy first stage games are limited to a maximum of twice per season.

13ALCOHOL. The presence of alcohol within the parameters of the greens is not permitted.


The following officials should be in attendance at the draw:

  1. Home secretary conducts the draw.
  2. Two officials from each county/city.
  3. Bowls Scotland official(s), if present.
  4. One umpire must be in attendance to observe the draw being made.
  5. Skips names must be written on the cards used for the draw; skips must play on the rinks as they are drawn.


15.1.  All players in the same side must be dressed alike. There is no restriction on waterproofs or headgear.

15.2.  There is no requirement to register colours.

15.3.  All players and umpires must wear flat-soled heel-less footwear.

15.4.  No restriction on size of Sponsors logo.

16Stamping of bowls

For the A H Hamilton Trophy, bowls will only require to be re-tested and re-stamped if the date stamp or the serial number is not clearly legible on all bowls (IBB, WBB and WB stamps only). Bowls with ONLY the BIBC stamp are ineligible.

17. Green sizes. Refer to Laws of the Sport Crystal Mark Third Edition (Bowls Scotland Variations).


Any player who subjects their opponent or any official to physical or verbal abuse will be warned by the umpire. Failure to adhere to the warning will be reported to the controlling body for consideration of what action to take, including the player's disqualification.


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