In February 2011, the Scottish Government introduced a membership scheme to improve disclosure arrangements for people who work with vulnerable groups. The Protecting Vulnerable Groups Scheme (PVG Scheme):

◾helps to ensure that those who have regular contact with children and protected adults through paid and unpaid work do not have a known history of harmful behaviour;

◾is quicker and easier to use, reducing the need for PVG Scheme members to complete a detailed application form every time a disclosure check is required;

◾strikes a balance between proportionate protection and robust regulation and make it easier for employers to determine who they should check to protect their client group.


People who work, on a regular basis, with vulnerable groups join the PVG Scheme only once and, from then on, their membership records will be automatically updated if any new vetting information arises. Vetting information is conviction information retrieved from criminal justice systems and non-conviction information held by the police that is considered relevant.


Continuing to collect vetting information, after a person becomes a PVG Scheme member, ensures that new information indicating that they might pose a risk to vulnerable groups can be acted upon promptly. In the vast majority of cases, there will be no new vetting information that is relevant to work with vulnerable groups.


The PVG Scheme is managed and delivered by Disclosure Scotland. For more information on the PVG Scheme please visit the following website:



Bowls Scotland works in partnership with Volunteer Scotland Disclosure Services (VSDS), Disclosure Scotland and Safeguarding in Sport to ensure our policies are kept up to date and we continue to meet the requirements of these organisations to ensure the welfare of all participants in our sport.


Bowls Scotland aims to help our clubs understand the requirements placed on them for Child Protection and to make these policies and processes as straightforward as possible to implement.


Member clubs can process PVG application forms for their volunteers through Bowls Scotland. This enables clubs to process PVG application forms free of charge. In order to access this service clubs must first review the minimum requirements outlined in the Bowls Scotland Child Protection Resource Pack and return the completed Secondary Organisation Contract to us.


Bowls Scotland Child Protection Resource Pack


Further guidance and resources on child protection for sports clubs can also be found in the 10 Steps to Safeguarding Children in Sport document provided by Safeguarding in Sport.


Safeguarding in Sport - 10 steps


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