Looking for funding to help with a club project? Want ideas on how to raise funds for the club? Looking to explore how your club can improve its financial management?

Grant funding

You have probably heard of clubs who have successfully applied for grants and funding from various public ‘pots’. This can be an excellent way to get funding for specific club projects – especially those which will grow your club membership, introduce new people to bowls or help your club link with your local community.

In most cases grant funding comes with limitations on how the money can be spent, and what kind of projects are eligible – and we encourage you to contact the Bowls Scotland development team to see what funding opportunities exist and how you can access them.

COMING SOON – Bowls Scotland Quick Guide to Grant Funding

The Funding Scotland website is a great resource for finding funding within your local area. To sign-up and search on Funding Scotland please visit

Fundraising ideas

Whether it is for a specific project, or just to grow the club, there are plenty of other ways that clubs can raise funds, increase revenue or generate more income. This quick guide provides some ideas and steps you can take to generate income, raise funds and boost revenue.

COMING SOON – Bowls Scotland Quick Guide to Fundraising

Best practice club finance management

In many cases we work with clubs who are looking to bring funding in, but have not reviewed their financial management practices to see if that can help them to plan and improve their club’s financial situation.

When was the last time your club shopped around to save money? What is your club’s budget for the year ahead?

These questions may lead you and the club to identifying some quick wins, and big improvements that make a big difference to your club’s finances.

Download the club finance management guide here.

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