COVID-19 Support

Covid-19 Officer

As part of our COVID Return to the Green, clubs are now required to appoint a named COVID Officer.  Clubs who opened during 2020 will already have had someone in place and there might be more than one person responsible for COVID within the club. This essential role could be a new volunteer role or added to a current role within the club.

Please click here for the Covid-19 Officer Role Descriptor.

Winter Guidance

To view our guidance for club and association AGM's, please click here

(Last updated Thursday 22nd October 2020)


To view our recommendations for Short Mat/Carpet Bowls, please click here.

(Last updated Friday 2nd October 2020)


To view guidance on other clubhouse activities, please click here. 

(Last updated Friday 2nd October 2020)


To view additional off-season guidance, please click here.

(Last updated Wednesday 20th January 2021)


To view the process if your club has a positive COVID-19 test, please click here.

(Last updated Monday 19th October 2020)


To view our COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's), please click here

(Last updated Tuesday 3rd November 2020)


Funding and Support

Our recent COVID-19 2.0 Club Survey highlighted that finances and gaining much needed funding remained a challenge for clubs. 

We have produced an information guide on current funders and other avenues of support as well as a handy hints & tips guide on cost saving measures in the winter months.

To view the different funding streams available to bowling clubs, please click here

To view our effective cost saving hints & tips, please click here



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