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The Scottish First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, announced on Thursday 9th July that Scotland will move into Phase Three in the easing of lockdown restrictions set out in the Scottish Government’s route map. Some of these restriction changes apply to Lawn Bowls.

Bowls Scotland have continued to liaise with our District Secretaries, sportscotland and the Scottish Government to create our Phase Three Guidance Document that will allow even more bowlers to get back on the green safely. We are pleased to inform you that our bowls-specific Phase Three Guidance Document has been approved by the Scottish Government.

Our message remains clear that public health and wellbeing is the most pressing priority and we all have a responsibility to do what we can to continue to suppress the spread of the virus.

To view our Guidance Document (25th August), please click here.

To view our specific Children & Young People Guidance Document (25th August), please click here.


To view our Competitions Guidance Document (25th August), please click here.  

To download and complete your Tournament License Form, please click here


Please find additional information for clubs and players here:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) - 23rd September


Personal Protective Equipment and Bowls Scotland branded masks

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Green Maintenance

Sports Turf Green Maintenance Update

Green Maintenance Guidance


Rink Information 

Risk Assessment Template

Rink booking Template - Version 1 and Version 2 

Guidance notes for booking forms 


Flyer for staying safe on the Green



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COVID-19 Club Survey

In April 2020, we surveyed our member clubs to understand the impact of COVID-19. The focus of the survey was on understanding the difficulties clubs were facing, and what additional support they needed.  615 (73%) of clubs responded to the survey and we would again like to thank them for their input.

To view the survey results, please click here

Our survey Infographic is also available to view by clicking here


Club Support Guide 

A key aim of Bowls Scotland is to support clubs through this difficult period. 

Please find below Bowls Scotland's COVID-19 Support Guide which will provide you with information, hints and tips and advice with regards to the issues we are facing throughout COVID-19.

To view the Bowls Scotland Club Support Guide (31st March), please click here.

To see hints and tips for your club to reduce expenditure, please click here.  

To view the second update of the Bowls Scotland Club Support Guide (22nd April), please click here

To see guidance on ground and facility maintenance during the current COVID-19 outbreak, please click here

 To view the third update of the Bowls Scotland Club Support Guide (19th May), please click here



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