Club – Hurlford BC.

Area Covered – South Ayrshire.

How you got into Bowls - My papa got myself and my two brothers to try bowls as soon as we were of age and we never looked back.

Why you wanted to be a TBA - Having played bowls for many years I feel it is still an underrated sport despite having TV coverage with the World Indoor Championships and Commonwealth Games. Also, I feel there are many people who are curious about the sport and just are unsure about trying it and possibly unsure of the pathway to actually joining a club. I think being a TBA could provide that missing link for a lot of people out there.

What would you say to encourage people to try bowls - That it is a sport that is enjoyed and participated by many more people than they think and by people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. I would also say that there is a physical benefit to it as a game can involve a lot of walking but you don't have to be super fit to participate. Also the positive social advantages by meeting new people and gaining new friendships, especially if people are suffering from loneliness and or isolation, which in turn could improve their mental health.


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