Equality & Diversity

On the back of reviewing progress against the interim Equality Action Plan and the appointment of Roz Asli as Equality, Inclusion and Welfare Manager, we have reviewed both the Empowering Women in Bowls and Equality and Diversity working group structures.   

With the launch of the new Bowls Scotland strategy imminent and our progress towards the ‘Moving to Inclusion Framework’ which replaces the old Equality Standards, we will put in place an overarching Equality, Diversity and Inclusion working group, overseeing progress against a new 4-year Equality Action Plan, with subgroups formed as and when required providing more flexibility. This means the current Equality and Diversity Group and Empowering Women in Bowls Group will be replaced. We thank all those group members, current and past, who have supported work in this area.

Recruitment for this new group will launch soon and our new Equality Action Plan will be published shortly.

If you have any enquiries relating to the above information, please contact Roz on 07355 671828 or email rozasli@bowlsscotland.com


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