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Identifying and successfully applying for funding can often be a time consuming process so this section and the related links and documents are there to make the process a bit easier.

The funds listed below are some of the most common funds for bowling clubs to apply to. Awards For All, Sports Facilities Fund and Sports Match are all administered by sportscotland who will seek information from Bowls Scotland regarding any application they receive. It is therefore important that you inform Bowls Scotland of any application you intend to make to these funds so we can discuss the project with you. 


Awards for All Scotland is an easy way for smaller organisations to get small amounts of funding. The programme is administered by the Big Lottery Fund and is run in partnership with sportscotland. The programme is focused on funding organisations who have not received funding from the programme in the last three years.

Awards For All gives groups a chance to apply for a grant between £500 and £10,000 for projects that aim to help improve local communities and the lives of people most in need. You can apply to Awards For All if you are a not for profit /voluntary or community group, social enterprise, community council, school or statutory body.

They will fund a range of projects which involve bringing local people together, helping people learn, improving local spaces and getting people more active.

For more information please visit the Awards For All website https://www.biglotteryfund.org.uk/awardsforallscotland.


This programme covers the provision or upgrading of facilities for the general community.  In the main, proposals will be led by local authorities, clubs, trusts and the like.

This funding stream funds developments that are for the public good and will provide equitable opportunities for increased sports participation by the community at local level.

Priority will be given to projects that have established/will establish with the sports programmes and/or initiatives operated by the local authority, national governing body for sport and their associates/partners.

Applicants need to demonstrate that the proposed development is for the public good and will provide equitable opportunities for increased sports participation by the community at local level.

This funding stream is for capital expenditure only. This will be distributed in accordance with the Government’s policy directions for lottery and funds for capital expenditure on sports projects which benefit the community. We cannot fund projects that are already underway, where building contracts are already let.

For more information please visit the funding section of the sportscotland website http://www.sportscotland.org.uk/funding/sport_facilities_fund/.


match is an investment programme managed by sportscotland since 1992 through funding from the Scottish Government.  The programme aims to encourage commercial businesses to invest in grassroots sport (defined as activity in which beginners and novices participate i.e. those that are new to the sport, or who wish to improve basic skills), through sponsorship to focus specifically on increasing club membership, participation and enhance the quality of experience for participants.

sportscotland will invest through sportsmatch by matching sponsorship in cash or in kind between the value of £500 - £10,000 on a £ for £ basis.

For more information please visit the funding section of the sportscotland website http://www.sportscotland.org.uk/funding/sportsmatch1/what-is-sportsmatch/.


If you would like to discuss a funding application with Bowls Scotland please contact us on 01292 294 623 or e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Bowls Scotland also has a Funding Information Pack which highlights over 30 potential sources of funding and outlines what type of project each fund supports. To download the Funding Information Pack please click here.


The Funding Scotland website is a great resource for finding funding within your local area. To sign-up and search on Funding Scotland please visit the following link http://www.fundingscotland.com/.